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hi everyone!  I'm a 19 year old gay, pacifist, american who is… - US Emigrants

About hi everyone!  I'm a 19 year old gay, pacifist, american who is…

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hi everyone!  I'm a 19 year old gay, pacifist, american who is curious about leaving...for good.  I don't want to offend anyone but I'll be frank about my political views.  I have refused to say the pledge of allegiance since I was 12. I despise nationalism. I am an absolute pacifist to the point I border on anarchism.  when I identify myself it's by my ethical beliefs or as a Pennsylvanian (my family lived there since 1684, not counting the natives they married who had obviously lived there longer...) the US government has not been here as long as we have...but I still feel like I may want to leave.  my reasons:

I find myself gravitating towards foreigners.  I want very much to work with international students while I'm in school, and with immigrants once I graduate.  either as a social worker/psychologist (where I feel like my skills and personality would be most useful) or as an anthropologist/academician (where my real interests lie), I'm frankly not very interested in working with americans as a group.  I'm extremely interested in the cultures of both the Indian and Afro-Caribean diasporas...Bengal and Brazil in particular (both for their religious traditions which interest me on a personal and academic level), and when it comes to the arts and entertainment I tend to prefer european stuff.

politically, I feel like I'm a citizen of an evil empire.  (please, I don't mean this to turn into a debate or insult anyone - I'm sure not all american expatriates have as little love for their homeland as I do).  I feel like I'm a bad person for paying my taxes...like I'm buying bombs.  I hate capital punishment.  I hate the economic exploitation and cultural imperialism I see america pushing on other countries.  I feel like I would be embarassed to be in a room with citizens of various places as the only american.  I feel like it is morally wrong for me to support many of the policies of this country.  I haven't called it "my country" in a very long time.

I want to see the world - I want to build bridges and disarm conflicts.  I see bilingualism as something noble, (I'm working on spanish, and plan to learn russian and hindi eventually...at very least 3 major working languages) and inter-religious dialogue as a calling of mine.

as I said, I'm gay.  I'd kind of like to get married.  I love children.  I'm told I'm great with them.  I'd kind of like to adopt.  once I have my certification as a mental health professional I'd kind of like to work either in foster care or in a school setting. that's hard here in the US.  it'd be nice to not be a second class citizen...

my questions:

I'm smart.  I'm at a mediocre university in arkansas right now, but I have high hopes for grad school.  what are the chances of my being able to attend grad school elsewhere?  what about with a fellowship/scholarship like I'm expecting in the US?  is an american undergraduate degree any use in the EU?  I'd probably move to the UK because of language and cultural similarities, but to be damn sure my taxes wouldn't go towards war I might consider something random, like portugal - the most cosmopolitan and diverse the nation, though, the better...I *love* new york city because of its diversity...I'm thining London might be the closest equivolent, but maybe there's another place?  if I have to learn another language I'd prefer it be one I'm already interested in, though, so I'm not so sure about some place like germany, the netherlands, or sweden (which are the next most obvious places).

can one marry into citizenship in the EU?  I know you need to have citizenship in a member nation...do any of the ones in which gay marriage is legal (is it legal in all of them, or just some?) let you get citizenship through that?  I mean, if I did marry it wouldn't just be for citizenship, obviously, but I'm just curious...also, if anyone happens to know if the gay community in a particular country is more oriented towards long term relationships, that would be splendid...I'm less than impressed with the hook-up culture that seems to be prevelent here.

how are americans treated abroad?  people here in the US already vilefy me for not being patriotic...if I had a nickle for every time somebody told me "if you don't like this country, then leave!" I could pay for the trip - it would kind of suck to actually leave and then have europeans stereotype me as everything I fled from.

any suggestions on finding a graduate school (and paying for it) in europe, and then getting citizenship there, would be greatly appreciated. 
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